\  New ranks awarded at the senior students practice 2017


Congratulations to senior instructors Mr. Ron Rotem and Mr. Haim Nahum for achieving the Dan 5 rank!

Ron has been practicing in Krav Maga under Erez for over 20 years and has vast experience in teaching both civilian and security Krav Maga: he used to be the head of Krav Maga department in the I.D.F and head instructor for self defense at the Israel Prison Service, among other roles. Also, apart from teaching Krav Maga in Hod HaSharon and Even Yehuda TKM branches, Ron conducts seminars in Israel and all around the world.

Haim has trained for many years with Erez side by side under master Eli Avikzar R.I.P. He still practices to this day, with over 25 (!) years of experience in Krav Maga. Nowadays he's the head instructor in Matan TKM branch.

Congratulations to Mr. Amy Lugassy too, for achieveing a Dan 3 rank!

Amy began his journey in Krav Maga as a student of master Raphy Elgrissy back in 1976 - making him the most experienced practitioner in the organization! After completing his mandatory service in the I.D.F, Amy returned practicing Krav Maga under master Eli Avikzar R.I.P (until he passed away) and after that under Erez. Amy is a fine example for all the other students, both young and adults, pushing forward through hard work and sweat. Amy was granted the Dan 3 rank in the very same place where he finshed his Krav Maga instructors course, exactly 30 years ago!

Among the families and friends, the Traditional Krav Maga TKM organization was honoured to have two of the most experienced and senior Krav Maga men in the world: master Raphy Elgrissy (Dan 6) - world's second Krav Maga black belt (and also Amy's first teacher), and Mr. Oscar Klein (Dan 6).

Well done guys! Keep up the good work!

From all of us here at Traditional Krav Maga TKM family.




The organization was established by Erez Sharabi and his senior students, in order to preserve the principles and spirit of Krav Maga training passed on by the founder, Imi Lichtenfeld (Sde-Or) and his distinctive student Eli Avikzar. The founders of the organization are currently instructors for Krav Maga and experienced in both civilian and defense fields. The founder’s deep familiarity with the Krav Maga technique inspired them to create a new establishment while preserving Krav Maga’s principles. TKM will strive to develop, enhance and improve the method based on the principles of Krav Maga and the spirit of its founders. Within the organization there are dozens of black belt members certified with both the Wingate Institute and the Israeli Defense Forces.

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